About Us

   In the new age of internet technology, "half-way around the world" isn't as distant as it used to be. Acting as a beacon for the new Vietnamese generation from all over the planet, our focus is not to be the largest, but the greatest Vietnamese online community! Promoting liberal thoughts, open-mindedness, unity, understanding, friendship, and self-awareness, we intend to generate a strong social network base, and continue to be a major contributing force in modern society. We are today's students, musicians, lawyers, comedians, activists, doctors, teachers, politicians, artists, soldiers, actors, entrepreneurs, engineers, athletes, scientists, film makers, programmers, and so much more. Whether you're bored at home looking to broaden your Vietnamese social circle, the door is wide open. No matter where you're connecting from, you'll always have a place here to bond, discuss, and grow with one another.

Welcome to VietsToday.com, your home away from home!